Reading List

The following books are my updated Recommended Reading list…

From the Aromatherapy Registration Council – “Whose version of essential oil safety is considered correct for the purposes of the exam?” – See below:

A list of recommended texts and sample questions is provided in the Candidate Handbook and is duplicated here. All topics covered in the exam have been verified in multiple sources of literature.

  • The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Battaglia – ISBN 0-646-20670-2
  • Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing, Buckle – ISBN 0-340-63177-5
  • Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, Price – ISBN 0-443-04975-0
  • 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols, Rose – ISBN 1-883319-89 7
  • Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils, Schnaubelt – ISBN 1-883319-69 2
  • The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual, Sheppard-Hanger – ISBN 0-9643-14-10-X
  • Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, Tisserand – ISBN 0-443-05260-3 [2014 version may have different ISBN #]
  • Structure and Function of the Body, Thibodeau & Patton – ISBN 0-323-01081-4
  • The Practice of Aromatherapy, Valnet – ISBN 89281-398-9
  • Plant Aromatics: A Data and Reference Manual, Watt – No ISBN listed
  • The Chemistry of Essential Oils, Williams – ISBN 1-870228-12-X