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Shopping Tips

Like every consumer product, no one brand fits all needs.  Here are some Shopping Tips for things to consider when choosing an essential oil or aromatherapy product purchase:

Look for companies that do not claim their essential oils are “Therapeutic Grade” or “Clinical Grade” or “Pharma Grade” or “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” essential oils.  There is no such thing as Therapeutic Grade [1] or any of these other imaginary Grades.  These are marketing claims designed to mislead consumers.  All brands of essential oils potentially may be therapeutic when used safely and for the appropriate purpose.

To learn more: Aromatherapy United MYTH – Therapeutic Grade

Three other issues to be aware of when shopping for essential oils or aromatherapy products:

  1. is the company is promoting the unsafe use of essential oils either undiluted (neat) or internally?
  2. is the company making illegal medical claims for their essential oils or dietary supplements?
  3. does the company market their products as Organic without the required 3rd Party Certification?

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1. The ‘Therapeutic Grade’ Essential Oils Disinformation Campaign