Internal Use

It is our position that individuals should never take essential oils internally, unless under the direct supervision of a Qualified Aromatherapist.

Dripping herbal essence of a vial over a spoon

Our position mirrors that of the Professional Aromatherapy community…


“Internal Use Statement – AIA does not endorse internal therapeutic use (oral, vaginal or rectal) of essential oils unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. An appropriate level of training must include chemistry, anatomy, diagnostics, physiology, formulation guidelines and safety issues regarding each specific internal route (oral, vaginal or rectal).”


“Never take essential oils internally, unless under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapist who has received the necessary training in this very specialised mode of administration. Most aromatherapists have not had this training, so be sure to check this out first.

You may read articles in magazines and books extolling the virtues of taking essential oils internally, but you should absolutely never attempt this without expert guidance.”


“Essential oils are the steam-distilled volatile compounds obtained from aromatic vegetable matter. They are concentrated materials, and not intended for direct oral consumption.”

Here is a recent Blog article which includes examples of deaths and serious illness from internal use of essential oils: