Please read these Rules for participation in the
Essential Aromatherapy Facebook Group

You must join using a personal profile – if your Facebook profile is in the name of a business and not an individual, or is being used primarily for commercial purposes, you will not be accepted into the Group, because such profiles are a violation of Facebook Terms of Service. Same goes for profile names with political, religious, or other “not your real name” profile names. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis. REAL PEOPLE – with REAL FRIENDS – and REAL profile photos – and no “born yesterday” new profiles – and you must already belong to other Facebook Groups. We are getting WAY too many fake people posting SPAM ads. NOTE: Customers or sales reps of any companies may join this group.

We will be discussing and learning about how we can use essential oils and aromatherapy in our daily lives, holistically, as natural cosmetics, for emotional and spiritual support, and in natural, green, household products. Topics will also include the importance of environmental issues including sustainability and organic certification.

We will not be giving advice for using essential oils “off-label” as drugs; if you have a medical question, as a medical professional or a Qualified Aromatherapist. NO MEDICAL USE discussions will be allowed other than warnings regarding potential hazards. Do Not Ask For Medical Advice.  PERIOD!

NOTE: the only ads allowed are mine. PERIOD.

Recommendations and Lists

We we have Shopping Tips on this website, and NEW February 2015, an ongoing list of Recommended Suppliers in the Files.

We do not recommend specific Schools, Teachers or Courses; instead we have TIPS FOR SHOPPING AROMATHERAPY EDUCATION

Members are BANNED from advertising or promoting or recommending brands, even in comments, both as a salesperson or as a consumer.


Debates are a natural part of Facebook Groups so the following rules apply: Members may disagree with something another Member posts, however debate the topic, not the person writing. Example, stating “the information posted is not factual” and siting a reference to support your statement is appropriate. Writing “you are wrong” is not appropriate. Be mindful and give constructive criticism; remove emotion and try to be objective. Do not critique another Members personality or tone or delivery.

Do not delete posts or comments – that is the job of the Moderator, if needed.

Do not ask to be removed from the Group, leave quietly and without fanfare if you choose to leave. NO FLOUNCING.

Do not use the Member List for making personal contact via Facebook Message; you may ask another Member to contact you; you may not make unsolicited contact with another Member.

Please, do not take Medical Advice from strangers online – no matter how legitimate it sounds.

Sue Apito, Group Owner

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