BOOK FOR SALE Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals 2nd Edition by Robert Tisserand (Author),? Rodney Young (Author)

“The only comprehensive text on the safety of essential oils. The first review of essential oil/drug interactions. Detailed essential oil constituent data not found in any other text. Essential oil safety guidelines. 400 essential oil profiles.” — Elsevier



Closer to Free

As many of my Facebook friends and followers read over the past couple weeks, my Ocular Melanoma recently spread to my liver (as happens in 50% of patients). I received immunotherapy treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital the day after Christmas.

Three weeks later I was admitted to the hospital with life threatening side effects; my immune system was attacking my muscles and my heart. I was in the hospital for 8 days. I was left with an autoimmune disease, Myasthenia Gravis. So while my interest, research and articles on aromatherapy and herbs were less a job and more of a hobby, I am officially retired from this part of my life. My Facebook group and page are retired. I will be selling some of my books on EBAY once I am able to get that coordinated. When this website is up for renewal, I will allow it to expire so if there are any articles or blog posts or links of interest – I release any and all copyright protections – copy at will!

I am optimistic that in addition to attacking my body, my immune system also attacked my cancer! I look forward to doing some fundraising for the Closer to Free organization in the fall!